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WINE PORTO Porto is the Jewel of the crown of all wines, there is not a richer, more exuberating, full-bodied, flavoured, sensual and tasteful wine than Port Wine. It is the embodiment of perfection! In its categories, Tawny, Colheita or Vintage, and aged through fairy stories and pleasantries, the Porto wine, produced in the most ancient of the world’s demarcated regions, is the most sumptuous wine that man has ever created. These wines are a must have with cheese, black chocolate desserts, orange or nuts. Dare to achieve the ultimate pleasure by pairing it with pigeon meat or a dish of game.



Pearl of the Atlantic, garden of delights, Madeira has created its own wine, owner of an intense perfume and a marvelous spontaneity, filled with flavoured, thick and poetical nuances. The Madeira wine is, just like its island, a very well hiden pearl which we absolutely need to discover. Others, like the Moscatel wine of Setúbal, are delicious accompaniments for soft, creamy cheeses and the best egg-baked conventry sweets. Boal, Terrantez, Malvasia, Verdelho or Sercial are discrete varieties but in line with its infinite beauty. Besides being a masterful apettizer, the Madeira wine goes well with exotic or oriental cuisine like curry or Chinese food. Take a risk. Taste Portugal.



The wines of the Casta Moscatel, in the region of Setúbal, are exquisite and rare gems. The grapes from the Castas Moscatel or Moscatel Roxo, harvested during a slightly matured phase, are partially fermented before the addition of wine brandy. After this process, that gives the beverage an alcoholic degree around 18º, the wine must mature for at least four years. Thus are produced wines either golden or shinny as topazes, with a fruity aromatic touch, of orange and honey, and a complex sweet flavour. These wines, which must be served never warmer than 11º, go perfectly with egg desserts. And our regional gastronomy includes several examples of this combination. The most ancient examples, with maturing stages superior to 20 years – mostly from the Moscatel Roxo vintages – are prizes of the rarest quality amongst the most famous wines in the world.


Finally the regional wines, of such Portuguese varieties as Alvarinho, Touriga Nacional, Trincadeira, Antão Vaz, Arinto or Encruzado, reveal the best of each one of our remarkable wine growing regions. WINETOURISM Winetourism has naturally become a very popular and sought after activity in Portugal. It is in the Alentejo and Douro regions that this new form of tourism has developed the most, but we can already find numerous actions throughout our whole country that enable the wine lover to be in touch with the production and nature of the drink. Many are the wineries and estates that open their doors and alow the tourist to take part in the grape harvest, to taste wines, visit wine cellars, among other options that are always coordinated with the regional hotels and restaurants. The desire to get to know more about the wine by accessing all sorts of information about it, from the production methods to the gastronomy, is the starting point to some intense journeys of flavors and aromas. Along the way we become richer with knowledge of the history, culture and traditions from the places where these nectars are produced. Find winetourism and the wine routes in Portugal in: Viniportugal: